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(Do The Mario Graphic)

Do The Mario BETA version (v0.9)

By: Joshua N. and Matthew S.

I wrote a haiku for this game:

      This video game,
Is very fun yes it is.
I like Bob Hoskins.

This is probably the best mario clone I've ever played, even though it's in its BETA developement phase.

Press down to crouch.. and turn into luigi.
Press up to... turn into... Toad?
When you turn into Toad you can... glide across big spaces?

*shuffles papers on desk* I'm just understanding now that there's no... ceiling detection?

I mean, at least there's Bob Hoskins, so it has that going for it.

Rating: 91/93

(Crazy Arrows Graphic)

Crazy Arrows

By: Omar B.

Crazy Arrows is a big dub.

It's basically dance dance revolution for your fingers: When each arrow glides over the buttom arrows on the screen, you tap the corresponding arrow keys on your keyboard.

Very fun and stinky game.

Rating: 11/12

(Cross The Road Graphic)

Cross The Road

By: Jason T.

Cross The Road is so good, it will knock your freaking socks off

Programmed by some random kid in my Comp. Sci. class

Bro... it is just Crossy Road fam

Bare shortyz fam

Rating: Bare nice

Yee Clicker

By: Username2468


(wait for it to load)