The DS Curse

December 19th, 2016

Hundreds of Thousands of 3DS's get abused everyday when parents don't call them by their rightful name. It's just heartbreaking to see a 3DS get a abused like that. I know, because I've witnessed it. At The Logic Nerds Foundation, we help 3DS's in need by informing those nasty parents that it's NOT just a DS. By donating just one leek to this video, you could save a 3DS from getting abused with wrong titles. Thank you, and enjoy the video. -Credits- Music by Nintendo, remixed by "Various Artists". Sound clip at 2:51 made by Sound Effect King. Sound clip at 3:25 made by Snoop Dogg in his song "Smoke Weed Everyday". Edited with Pinnacle Studio (not pro) for iPad. Filmed with iPad Gen. 3. Original images not owned by me, some edited in Autodesk Pixlr by me. Green text made with Information from Wikipedia.