Yooo what's good! I'm Jacob Applebaum and this is my site!


Technically I've been "coding" since middle school, but it was really just HTML and Scratch (even though I'd consider the ladder more of a programming language). At that time I was more into making and editing videos.

In High School, I got into Python, Arduino-C, C#, Java, and JS on my own time. Then when I actually started taking Computer Science as a class I dove deeper into Java and Python, making games with a group of friends (artist, musician, and other programmer) over the summers, and I even made my own website.

I also got more into hardware in high school. Arduinos, Raspberry Pis, basic circuits, robotics, etc. in Computer Engineering class. But outside of class, I stumbled upon Ben Eater's videos, which finally made the connection between hardware and software 'click' in my head. And ever since, I've been really interested in the intersection between software and hardware.

Now, I spend my days at Brock University, studying Computer Science. I'm learning more than ever before about software (in class) and hardware (mostly outside of class, if I have time). I'm in 3rd year, so this year I'm living in house with some friends (first year off residence), which means I'll finally get to set up the electronics lab of my dreams...

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Welcome to videos! Here you'll find lots of videos I've made since 2016.
I mainly use Adobe Premiere and After Effects to create these now.


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a collage of various pictures of jacob applebaum, including one where he is eatin' da ice cream, one where he's at Walmart buying a shitty router sitting next to the ronald mcdonald bench in the store as a 14-year-old, and one where he is frouning at a piece of pizza.

What's good? I'm Jacob Applebaum and I'm a 20-year-old Canadian University Student. But that's not all. I'm a real person... I think. A collection of memories emotions, interests, motives, desires, flesh, blood, and more. Never fully tangible, even if you were to meet me in person, and especially not online.

Here are some things I'm good at I guess: